SALEAE – Logic Analyzer

Effortlessly decode protocols like SPI, I2C, Serial, and many more. Leverage community created analyzers or build your own low-level or high-level protocol analyzer.
Debugging that just works. Stable, easy to use, and fully cross platform, Logic 2 makes it dirt simple to capture, visualize, and search your signals.
Explore your board-level comms interactively with Live Trigger on Protocol and Protocol Search. Unlike a scope, all your traffic is being recorded — you can always stop and analyze exactly what happened and why.
Verify behavior instantly with measurements wherever you point your mouse. You can even create your own measurements or use ones from the community.
Take on any comms challenge by creating your own low-level protocol analyzer, high-level protocol analyzer, or measurement. And if you like, you can easily share your extension with the Saleae community.

Tech Specs